On the way from the Sergiev Posad trip, that I described here, there is a place that will excite and surprise you, because what can be better than Kalmyk camels, Mongolian yaks, donkey, sheep and lambs, goats, deer, geese and northern sled dogs (Alaskan Malamutes).

Deer in Kochevnik Park, Russia
All these animals are part of the open-air ethnographic park “Kochevnik”, which translates from Russian as “nomad”, which allows everybody to get acquainted with authentic dwellings, way of life, food, traditions and culture of nomadic peoples of different countries (Russia’s North: and Mongolia). The park includes a Mongolian yurt, Turk yurt, Chukchi’s yaranga, Nenets chums.
The website:
The park is open throughout the year on weekends from 10:00 – 18:00.
The tickets are 500₽ and sled riding with deer, camel or ♥Malamutes is for an extra fee, but worth it.
It is not a paid ad post, but I am so excited to share this place, as this was an amazing experience despite -15°. The people who work there are real professionals and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

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