Saturday or Tuesday in Lisbon? Then you definitely have to check out Feira da Ladra!
If you are lucky to be in Lisbon on a Tuesday or Saturday,Feira da Ladra, a vast flea market with a view, is a must visit.  It is open from с 6:00 to 17:00 and is located at Campo de Santa Clara. Even if you are not into old stuff, you will still be able to find fresh photographs and brand new ceramics there, or at least have a beer in the sun with Fado playing from a nearby truck, selling old records.
Feira da Ladra in Alfama is the oldest legendary flea market of Lisbon. The market is mentioned in the chronicles of the XII century and the name of the current market and venue dates back to the XVII century. Back in the days, the thieves used to sell their trophies there, that is why Feira da Ladra means “thieves market”, although now it mostly sells the usual antiques.
The market is located on a hill next to  National Pantheon. In the center of the square is the market building, built in 1877, notably, it is the first of a series of commercial buildings in Lisbon, constructed of glass and iron. Right now it is home to higher priced antiques and a cafe. The lower part of the market, closer to the sea, is more sad than interesting, as it seems people sell their things there out of poverty, and here are some clothes, shoes and other personal belongings.
It is truly the most picturesque flea market I have ever seen. And I am a big fan of those.
Where to find it:

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