Before  I go to a new city, I wonder, what is it going to be like? And all the photos you look at usually portray touristic monuments, not showing the real life, street where people live, side streets where you will turn after a nice dinner just to get lost, and build your own impression of the city.

My vie in Lisbon was quite short, but while, moving, exploring, getting household things, arranging life, I had a chance to get the taste of the city, walk many of its street, or more climb them. It was mostly Lapa and around Principe Real, two of my favorite areas where I was.

So join me through a walk in Lisbon and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have some questions. And to get some tips about eating out in Lisbon, check out my other article here, that I made from my local friends’ tips.

Also why not visit a flea market on a Saturday? Read more about it here.

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