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It is the second time I am writing a post about Marrakech. In my first post, I suggested staying in Madina, and this option is best for the first time goers. Once you have fully experienced the city, next time you might want to consider the countryside vacation.

Which in its turn would not exclude dinner or shopping trips to the heart of town.

This hotel was not very easy to find. I have actually stumbled upon it in Guardian article when searching for “escape hotel Marrakech”, and I found it perfect.

An escape from medina, in this case, would not mean that you will miss out on all the originality and uniqueness of Moroccan culture: quite the opposite: Beldi Country club turned out to be a traditional palace, with its own rose garden, a souk full of treasures, tennis court and 2 swimming pools, traditional restaurants, spa and hammam,  glassmakers’ corner, Moroccan-style rooms: a true rural eco-friendly retreat.

Only 15 minutes drive away from Medina, this place is a true oasis in the middle of the desert.

This place doesn’t feel like a hotel, but more like a village, drowning among olive trees, palm trees, roses, cacti, and bougainvilleas. All local singing birds also took a fancy to this place, making it their home and waking up the guests with their morning warble.

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