Librería Tres Rosas Amarillas

Pop-up and Children’s Books
Calle del Espíritu Santo, 12
11AM–2PM, 6–9PM
Sunday Closed
This small bookstore in Malasaña neighborhood I found through an article in NYTimes and decided to go see for myself at its collection of pop up books, which is, according to the owner and writer, José Luis Pereira:
“…a place of wonders where I could offer fellow literature lovers much more than the usual best sellers.”
Tres Rosas Amarillas is now the only bookstore in Madrid, specializing in pop-up books. The books here are two true works of art, especially The Little Prince. Most of the books are for children and would be great as gifts, but some could be a great gift for adults as well, like Frida one, for example.
And also I loved, the little pop up miniature matchboxes with the settings of Alice in Wonderland, Hokusai’s Wave, Circus and others.

Panta Rhei

Design Books
Calle Hernán Cortés, 7
Could not resist searching what the name of this bookshop meant, it turned out that πάντα ῥεῖ (panta rhei) means “everything flows” presumably taken from a quote by Heraclitus, that is an embodiment of the impermanence doctrine:
“Everything changes and nothing remains still … and … you cannot step twice into the same stream”
This bookstore/gallery/publishing house has so many curious books, that you don’t know where to start exploring and you want to sneak a peek into each one of them.  They specialize in so-called “livros-objetos”, books that are “capable of transmitting, communicating, promulgating ideas, feelings, thoughts, hiding secrets, denouncing injustices…” (Sandra Marquez).
The topics of the books include, but not limited to, graphic design, art, photography, illustration, fashion design, interior design, drawing, gastronomy design, infographics, comics and illustrated literature.

Librería Desnivel

Travel Books
Plaza de Matute, 6
Sunday Closed
Travel Bookshop Madrid Libreria Desnivel
Desnivel is actually a prize-winning publishing house specializing in mountain climbing, and “mountain culture” in general. Its bookstore in Barrio de las Letras includes the most extensive information on mountain routes in various countries, biking, climbing, mountaineering, ecology, hiking, medicine, nautical adventures, astronomy etc., but also travel guides (and that was precisely what I came here for, to do some research on choosing a guidebook), maps, magazines from all over the world. As for literature, you can find children books, travel novels and essays.
The space itself looks like an ancient bookstore, with its high ceilings, intricate structure, and old wooden shelves. It reminded me my all-time favorite travel bookstore in London, Daunt Books.
At the entrance, there is a steep staircase with famous peaks and their height on every step you take, from the balcony you can then notice a lot of other original decor details, like the different clocks,  a compass-table, a hammock. Downstairs there is a whole floor of special offers.

Desperate Literature

Small but cute and very up to date International bookshop with lots of used books in English, but also in French and Spanish.

As they nicely put it:

Desperate Literature strives to be a space where good literature serves as a vehicle for dynamic cultural, linguistic and social exchange between Madrilenos, extranjeros and travelers from around the world.


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