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First steps: moodboard

In A Circle’s blog Moodboard The first thing I did when I came up with the name of this blog, is to find imagery that would set the mood of my blog, help design the logo and define a color palette. There is no border or rule of how to […]


Coolest street of Madrid: Calle Pelayo

I have watched this street develop over the past few years and I can confidently say it is the most upcoming street in Madrid. All my favourite places are here now: concept stores, decor stores, nail salons, hairdressers, galleries, libraries and some great places for lunch in the area! The street takes […]

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Long Weekend in Medina of Marrakesh

Cold February seems to be the time that people start planning their first trip to sunny places. Me as well. Marrakesh was a long time dream of mine, now I have been there twice and this will not be the last, as there are very different types of trips you can […]

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Most instagramed flower shop in Madrid

This beautiful flower shop is located in Chueca area, in the Calle Fernando VI, just in front of Palacio Longoria. Its sophisticated name, I believe, is inspired by a celebrated Spanish martial song with the same name. This song also inspired  Ramon Fernandez  to create a movie with the same name in […]


On Disruption

When I was writing my thesis a few years ago, at the very beginning I dared to add the word “Disruption” while formulating my topic, which was about Innovation. I wanted to write something that included this catchy word. This word was everywhere. All the startups wanted to be disruptive, […]