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Top 5 Restaurants in Cannes

Ahead of the various festivals season in Cannes coming up this year, I decided that it would be useful to share some local favorites of this famous little town in Cote D’Azur.  This is a guide to some really places with really good food and without Michelin Stars and not too […]

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Paris: a local point of view

 Spring is a beautiful time that many people associate with an awakening and beauty and… Paris. In springtime the skies clear up, the city is not yet crowded with tourists, the cherry trees start to blossom: there is no better time to visit Paris. This is why this month I will […]


Flea in Lisbon

Saturday or Tuesday in Lisbon? Then you definitely have to check out Feira da Ladra! If you are lucky to be in Lisbon on a Tuesday or Saturday,Feira da Ladra, a vast flea market with a view, is a must visit.  It is open from с 6:00 to 17:00 and is […]

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Russian footprints in Marrakesh

Everyone knows about Yves Saint Laurent being one of those celebrities that came to Marrakesh, but there is another member of a famous family, Tolstoys, who left his footprint in Marrakesh, built a house. This story caught my interest as it is all mystery to me. All the sources in English […]

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My 10 favourite spots in Paris

Since I moved out of Paris (Dec.2011), I have been coming regularly once or twice a year. In this time  I have created a little list of the places that I go to every time I come back,  if I have time. No sentimentality or nostalgia behind the choice, but only good quality, […]

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First steps: moodboard

In A Circle’s blog Moodboard The first thing I did when I came up with the name of this blog, is to find imagery that would set the mood of my blog, help design the logo and define a color palette. There is no border or rule of how to […]