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Magical ethnopark “Nomad”

On the way from the Sergiev Posad trip, that I described here, there is a place that will excite and surprise you, because what can be better than Kalmyk camels, Mongolian yaks, donkey, sheep and lambs, goats, deer, geese and northern sled dogs (Alaskan Malamutes). All these animals are part of the […]


Mexican Soup with Chicken and Red Beans

This soup feels very rich in taste, it is warming and filling. The lime/coriander combination gives it this familiar delicious flavor of Mexican cuisine, once you start cooking.

Morocco, Travel

A Moroccan Countryside Escape

It is the second time I am writing a post about Marrakech. In my first post, I suggested staying in Madina, and this option is best for the first time goers. Once you have fully experienced the city, next time you might want to consider the countryside vacation. Which in […]

Fashion, Russia

Goddesscode. Russian Instagram Brands

I believe it all started with Alexander Terekhov, who after his little triumphs abroad, came back to Russia to dress local celebrities and after this established a hallmark of all his collections: elegant feminine dresses. Somewhere around 2010. Then came the Western sanctions of 2014, that in my opinion, helped […]

Brindisa Spanish Foods
Madrid, Spain

Traditional Madrid Food and Best Places to Try it

When you live in Madrid for quite a while, you slowly and steadily fall in love with the local favourites and soon notice yourself, thinking “It would be nice to have a pincho de tortilla…A warm filling cocido would be so good on this cold Sunday…”.  These typical madrileño dishes are such a big part of the […]

Madrid, Spain

My top three Madrid spots right now

Rather than doing an extensive guide on all-things-Madrid, I have decided to share with you my best Madrid spots once a month with only three top ones.  Hermosos y Malditos Calle de Hermosilla, 23 +34 911 09 14 41 Website I have been to this restaurant, which is located on the first […]