Not long ago Calvert Journal wrote about how this “post-Soviet aesthetic” trend became popular among mainstream brands and gave a ticket to international fashion scene to such brands as Gosha Rubchinsky and Demna Gvasalia.

 Simultaneously enticing and repulsive for many Russians and Ukrainians who lived through the times, they intrigue foreigners and the younger post-Soviet generation with their exoticism and the wholesome if slightly trashy image. – Anastasiia Fedorova, Calvert Journal.

A few years ago there wasn’t anything like that on the local market. There were a few designers that were experimenting with Russian folklore and used Russian fonts on the t-shirts, like Denis Simachev. His t-shirts with the ironic texts were popular, but locally. Few people from fashion circles took it seriously.

Seeing the success of Vetements and Gosha, new brands popped up in Moscow, St.Pete and regions, most notably, Nizhniy Novgorod. The two main advantages of Russian designer clothing are obvious – it is quite inexpensive, and the quality is certainly not worse than the mass-market and even many prestigious western brands. So if you are looking for something with the meaningful Cyrillic font check out these stores and popular Russian street style brands:

Юность [Yunost’]:youth

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Спутник 1985 [Sputnik]: satellite

Sputnik 1985 is one of the ten most popular local brands in Russia, supplying street clothes. The overall style of Sputnik clearly traced notes of punk rock and counter-culture, all prints are permeated with the rebellious spirit of the 80’s and 90’s by the brands’ founder, Sergei Pakhotin. Prison tattoos coexist with photo-illustrations, slogans, taken from the texts of songs of the “Civil Defense”.


Волчок [Volchok]:little wolf


Ритмика [Rythmika]:rythmics

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Диктатура [Diktatura]: dictature

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Север [Sever]: north
from Novosibirsk

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Яд [Yad]: poison

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ГОРЕ [Gore]:

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Besides the usual hoodies and t-shirts, they do Scandinavian style knitwear.


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Syndicaté Original is the only Ukrainian streetwear brand that receives orders from around the world. Based in Kiev, Ukraine

Their line has also very cool and colourfool womenswear.


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Город Горький [Gorod Gorky]: Gorky city
from Nizhniy Novgorod


Подполье [Pod’polye]:underground
“Merchandise for romantics” is what they call themselves

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