I believe it all started with Alexander Terekhov, who after his little triumphs abroad, came back to Russia to dress local celebrities and after this established a hallmark of all his collections: elegant feminine dresses. Somewhere around 2010. Then came the Western sanctions of 2014, that in my opinion, helped popularize not only the russian produce but the Russian style. While having no access to certain foreign food products, Russia started to rethink itself, by producing there locally. Made in Russia become fashionable. Nowadays its at forefront of any shop are domestic brands and products. And it happened so that it was Terekhov who’s brand was on the peak of its popularity these years. The growth of Russia-China trade, on the other hand, made the dreams of many girls come true.

Several years later, the former interior designers, it-girls and singers and other fashion-savvy crowd, all created their own brands to dress russian cities-millionniki girls. And while the boys grow beards and have implicitly inagurated Ramzan Kadyrov, the chechen president, as their fashion icon, the girls dress accordingly, in simply, long flowery feminine dresses, that stress out their goddessness. I have easily gathered up here the 10 popular instagram accounts of these fashion brands, but there are so many more. Check it out yourselves:

  1. @iamstudio


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Shop online: https://iamstudio.ru/en/catalog/

2. @pe_for_girls


Shop online: http://www.peforgirls.ru/


3. @libellulas_com


Shop online: https://libellulas.com/?utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=main_page


4. @lnfashion

Shop online: http://www.ln-family.com/


5. @peonymoscow


6. @marie_by_marie


Shop online: https://mariebymarie.ru/



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Shop online: http://betrendywear.com/


8. @laroomofficial


Shop online: http://www.laroom.ru/


9. @private_sun

Shop online:http://private-sun.ru/shop


10. @chereshnya_dress


Shop online: http://nepovtorimie.ru/


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