Novelty socks are not going anywhere. The trend that has taken over the streets last year, has just developed: in size, quality and offering. Instead of bright pop motifs, come sophisticated muted patterns. The cropped pants are still in, supporting the demonstration of the creative patterns of the socks.
I have noticed that almost every week I am followed on Instagram by another small sock producing company, so I decided to make an overview of the new ones and my all time favourites and also tell you which big brands are making great socks at the moment.
I think the leader in this sphere and the first one to take all the shelves in European department stores was the brand called Happy Socks, the Swedish brand with a mission “to wring joy out of hosiery”. Indeed, they do lots of colorful designs and did a great sales strategy, but I want to focus on smaller brands, online brands that are harder to stumble on. So that you can discover them too.
“…there are also a lot of people who wear suits at work and the only part they can actually have fun with is their socks” Malkiel Berry, Happy Socks (WSG)
If a French brand creates socks, they create not just simple socks, but state-of-art ones, made out of Egyptian cotton (my first encounter was actually at the shop of Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris). This Made in France label presents several collections each with their own patterns and colour schemes. The prices are not very approachable, retailing at 18,00 €. But their art inspired designs make you want to buy a pair and frame it  🙂
Founded by two young Spanish guys, Alvaro and Felipe, who after doing an MBA course in New York. Their collections invariably feature cute animal patterns and travel stories. Whereas Bonne Maison would rather appeal to women, Jimmy Lion would work very well under a serious men’s suit, also stressing masculinity with their bears, wolves and eagle patterns.
This Madrid-based sock company has a really impressive collection of different unisex designs. They are fun, colourful and reasonably priced. Their range also features socks for kids, a collection of ribbed “old school” socks and ankle length socks, for the ones that want to hide all the beauty entirely in the shoe.
What makes this brand, founded by two Armenian brothers, different from others is that they collaborate with designers from all spheres to create their unique socks. Each pair is dedicated to a special event or demonstrates the designer’s signature style. Another cool marketing trick is that they have introduced a sock subscription when you can receive a pair each month. Love both ideas!
The young brand, founded by Jorge Santigosa is produced in Burgos, Spain. The brand states that their produce is renewed classics. Aimed mainly at men, they have also collaborated with famous Spanish designer, Moises Nieto.
Despite the fact that the sock season in central Spain is from November to February only, here is another band, supplying as I am guessing the Northern Europe with their colorful socks. Although I must now, the team has to work a bit on the variety of offering.
Big brands make socks too:
Topshop: unexpectedly, here you can find some pretty daring designs along with the fashion ones (i.e. ribbed gym socks by Beyonce’s label Ivy Park).
Oysho: Christmas is the time to get cute socks with deer, bunnies, and bears in Oysho. The rest of the year everything is pretty serious there sockwise.
&Other Stories: the most trendy ones: great lurex and sheer pairs.
Besides the official websites, there is an online store from my favourite specialized sock shop in Madrid, that outsource the best sock brands:

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