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My unconventional guide to Lisbon

After seeing Torre de Belem, eating a pasteis de nata and listening to Fado, there are still many great things left to do in Lisbon. I first came to Portugal 3 years ago, as a perfect meeting spot between Madrid and London. I did not know what to expect, and every […]


Tips from Locals: eating out in Lisbon

 When I first went to Lisbon, M. gave to me two precious post-its with all the places we had to visit. Throughout the years, the content of these post-its grew and been many times updated. The most recent one, contained the extensive list of bars and restaurants, that from M.´s permission I will […]


Flea in Lisbon

Saturday or Tuesday in Lisbon? Then you definitely have to check out Feira da Ladra! If you are lucky to be in Lisbon on a Tuesday or Saturday,Feira da Ladra, a vast flea market with a view, is a must visit.  It is open from с 6:00 to 17:00 and is […]