Welcome to In A Circle

Hello, I am Anna, and I’ve started this blog twice because I once forgot to pay for my hosting and had to suffer the consequences. My about page in the first version was really heartbreaking but I forgot what I wrote there, so have to do this one from scratch and more informational.

How it all started

First time was in the beginning of February 2017, when I was desperately looking for a job and all my ideas to come out into something. It was a cry for an occupation in modern-day Madrid, where people still don’t speak English, and therefore were not very interested in international marketeers.

New start happened in the end of January 2018 (I guess that’s the blogging season for me) in San Francisco, where I was living part-time, while doing my online design courses.

2018 also is brought another city to my life, which I wrote a lot about, Lisbon, where I moved to in the end of February but where I didn’t stay long in the end.

I was born in the heart of Moscow and then as a child I went to live to warm Athens with my grandparents. After I came back, I finished Finance university in Moscow, got a job. At some point, when the crisis hit Russia, I moved to Paris to study photography, later Design Management, and got an internship in a design agency. Then I experienced a motherland calling, and went back and worked in Marketing in a big fashion group.

Once you live in Europe, you get that call for walking from A to B (as opposed to driving), sipping wine a cafe outside all year round, fresh food at beautiful markets… So I went to London to do my Masters. 5 o’clock tea, British accent, Queen, Houses of Parliament, Fortnum and Mason, that kind of dreaming. Well, in the end, roughly speaking, it was almost all about 6 o’clock beers, commuting, people, lots of people, different nationalities, all world in one place, Indian curry smell, Russians, shisha, prepared packaged food for 1 person… So I happily and enthusiastically moved to sunny Madrid, with one word of local vocabulary in the pocket: ¡Hola!

Two years later my ¡Hola! had to change to Olá! and then Bonjour! and I will continue to write more about my travels and food, as my frequent traveling hopefully will never stop.

Some facts about me:

  • I am a cat person, see proof on photo above.
  • I love photography, although not mine, mostly old BW stuff. Any beginner photographer should read Susan Sontag to make their material meaningful.
  • I cook, and quite well.
  • My role model would probably be Mimi Thorisson combined with her photographer husband with a touch of social good and a pinch of better graphic design, minus 2 kids.
  • My 2018 resolution is finishing things.
  • I shop as therapy.
  • I am obsessed with Romanovs Family history.
  • I’ve studied 5 languages in my life and I can tell that its almost impossible to switch for me from French to Spanish and backwards. It is much easier to learn languages from different language groups.
  • I am 100% Russian and love my Moscow, but not Putin.

On the blog naming

I was looking for something symbolical that would be versatile, combine different metaphors in one, as my interests vary from topic to topic and I enjoy the freedom of writing on any subject. The “Aha” moment came to me while reading the book, “Design as Art” by Bruno Munari, from a chapter where he elaborated on different geometrical shapes, in particular, a circle. These quotes convinced me that a circle is exactly what I have been looking for:

  • An ancient text says that God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference nowhere.
  • Plates are almost always round: easier to lay a table with.
  • The circle has always represented and still represents eternity, with no beginning and no end.

Plus, the world is round, and a circular shape if placed in 2D symbolizes travel.

If you would like to get in touch, please write me at inacircleblog@gmail.com